Aluminium Profiles
for Solar Panels
Kesri Metal Limited offers Aluminium Solar Sections profiles which are used in Solar panel installation.
Aluminium Solar
Aluminium solar panel frame (Also Known as Extruded Solar Frames) are used to seal and fix solar components.

About Kesri Metal Limited

Incorporated in the year 1981, as a Private Limited Company, Kesri Metal Limited went into the Production stream in 1986. The objective being, Manufacturing Aluminium Extruded Sections & other Aluminium products. The Company’s corporate office and works are at a plot area measuring 2 acres with a covered area of more than 35,000 sq. ft.

We at Kesri Metal Limited, believe that “Excellence in production is never an accident” but it is achieved by the ability to produce quality and a consistent willingness to produce quality products brings Excellency to the production.

We put our best resources into striking an outstanding balance between quality products and the cost of ownership of the product. And we have been successful in producing high-quality Aluminium products for the solar sector at competitive rates.

What we manufacture,

Our Products

Aluminium Extrusions

We offer a wide range of quality aluminium profiles for the last more than 36 years. We are now focusing on the value addition of aluminium products, which includes Solar Frames & Module Mounting Structures for the Solar Sector.

Aluminium Solar Frames

We are manufacturers of high-quality anodized aluminium solar frames for Solar Module manufacturers in India. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction for all the products being manufactured by us…

Solar Module Mounting Structures

One of the most important element involved in setting up an efficient rooftop solar power plant is mounting structure. Module Mounting Structure (MMS), is used to hold the solar modules firmly to the surface of the installation. As the cost of the solar mounting structure accounts for just 2 to 5 per cent of the total rooftop solar power plant cost, it is necessary to choose the correct & best quality structure.

KML provides the best quality module mounting structures for all your rooftop solar power plant installations.

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Our present range of Solar Module Mounting Structures:

Types of Rooftop Solar Module Mounting Structures..
Flush Mount (Parallel to Metal Roofing Sheets)

This is one of the most common rooftop mounted structures of all. It consists of fixing a set of rails to the rooftop. Each solar panel is then attached to the rails through a set of clamps. The rails are secured to the rooftop by rivets & screws.

This type of mounting is used when a solar panel is installed on a tilted metal roofing sheet towards south direction. Panels will be parallel to the roofing sheets with a clearance of around 100mm. It helps in less wind pressure acting on the solar system & also keep it well-ventilated. Its easy installation allows to install high capacity of solar panels in reasonably short time…

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Inclined (On Metal Roofing Sheets)

In case the direction & slope of the roofing sheets is towards East/West, Our inclined solar Mounting structures can be used, so that panels can be directed towards south direction. As Panel resting surfaces at front & back should always be at right angle to the panel. Right angle can be achieved by the rotation of front & back support.

Angle variation can be achieved by changing the distance between front & back rails, with a possibility of changing angles from 7 degree to 15 degree. The modules can be fixed in landscape orientation with a clearance of around 200mm from roofing sheets at the back. It helps to minimize the wind pressure on solar system & keep it well-ventilated.

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RCC Rooftop

This structure is suitable & compatible for any flat roof / surface, which can withstand additional weight of panels, ballasts & structure. It is non penetrative clamping method of base rail to the ballast using SS ballast clamp. Distance between base rails can be adjusted as per tilt of the structure required. Ballast is used a a dead load for the structure. Ballast is made up of concrete (4″ x 4″) & its length & weight can vary as per requirement of the structure. Ballast weight is always more than pressure acting upon the system to act as a counterweight to airborne of the system. Fencing poles can be used as ballast as it is readily available in the market. It will save installation time.

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Our technical team will assist you in finding clear & simple solutions for all your Solar Power plant installations.

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